A supplementary pension via the 2nd pillar almost indispensable? - AG Employee Benefits

Published on 23/05/2019


Pensions: a key topic in the 2019 elections

​With the elections now behind us, pensions are still an important subject for Belgian citizens and a major challenge for our politicians. Any new legislative decisions taken in this area are likely to have a significant impact on our pension.

What can you do for your employees?

The Belgian pension system has three important pillars. These pillars are combined with each other to form our pension. 

  • 1st pillar: statutory state pension
  • 2nd pillar: supplementary occupational pension 
  • 3rd pillar: supplementary individual pension

In the past few years, there have been several changes on the level of the first pillar, which, in turn, had an impact on the second pillar. Employees and employers alike are increasingly aware of the importance of supplementary pension schemes.

Belgians are increasingly realising the importance of saving to build up a supplementary pension and having an adequate income after they retire. Companies, meanwhile, increasingly often offer all of their employees supplementary pension plans. A growing number of people now have such a supplementary pension scheme as a result.

In light of these changes, AG Employee Benefits wants to help you offer your employees an attractive supplementary pension plan.

Why choose AG Employee Benefits ?

  • Our expertise: with 100 years of experience in group insurance, we can make you an offer that is consistent with the new challenges you are facing.

  • A customised solution: with a wide range of products, you are certaint to receive the most adequate offer possible. We are one of the only insurers, for example, to offer “branch 21” insurance products with a guaranteed return. 

  • A personalised approach: you benefit from a privileged approach, that is adapted to your needs and expectations.

  • A partner you can trust: we help you set up and run your group pension plan every step of the way. 

  • Digital tools: a wide range of digital tools facilitates the management of your insurance plans. Your employees can use the My Global Benefits tool to check the different insurance schemes that you offer them. That way, they will appreciate what you do for them even more.


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