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Tap into RECONNECT to ease the transition back to work for a staff member recovering from cancer.

RECONNECT. Because talent is talent, even after cancer.


​At some point, as an employer, you'll need to welcome back a staff member after cancer or while sti​ll undergoing treatment. What can you do to support him/her? How can the team accommodate his/her needs? RECONNECT, a free online learning platform developed by Fondation contre le Cancer/Stichting tegen Kanker, provides you with answers and guidance. Because talent is talent, even after cancer.

​​Returning to work after cancer or while still undergoing treatment is an important step. A phased return and proper guidance are essential and contribute to the recovery process. But going back to work can be a daunting prospect. Fellow colleagues may question their abilities, they feel quickly judged by others... not to mention that the manager and the team often lack the right training to give advice and emotional support.

RECONNECT, a free online learning platform specifically for cancer

That's why, with the support of 5 partners including AG, Fondation contre le Cancer/Stichting tegen Kanker has developed the free online learning platform, RECONNECT. An indispensable tool for supervisors, HR managers and prevention advisors that contributes to the successful return of staff members during or after cancer treatment. Our interest in supporting this project is only natural given its positioning as a responsible employer and a major player in the healthcare insurance arena.

RECONNECT offers very specific support. You will be guided step-by-step throughout your staff member's return-to-work programme via videos, testimonials, exercises, etc.
In addition, you'll get the benefit of specially trained coaches for both individual and group coaching sessions.

RECONNECT, the free online learning platform for you
Your go-to source for advice, handy checklists, self-care tips and practical documents to help you while a staff member with a cancer diagnosis participates in a return-to-work programme. It also gives you an overview of professional coaches, specialised in reintegration after cancer. 

Take the lead as a caring employer

A truly caring and supportive employer will keep its highly prized talent in house and easily attract new job candidates. So a successful workplace wellbeing policy also needs to address multiple factors, such as:

  • Wellbeing
Everything from h​ealthy eating habits to physical fitness, preventive medical check-ups and training courses to boost resilience.

  • Follow-up and support for staff members on long-term sick leave
Such a​s protection from loss of income, regular social contact, a phased return-to-work plan, support and guidance, job accommodations, etc.

​This is something that AG greatly values. And your staff members too. Which is why we created AG Health Partner, our division that specialises in supporting companies as they set up and roll out a preventive wellbeing policy. Plus with our innovative Return To Work programme​, we provide proactive, specialised care designed to address the needs of your staff members on long-term sick leave. ​

"We are seeing increasing demand from our corporate clients for support in preventive care."
Heidi Delobelle, Chief Executive Officer at AG

RECONNECT connects perfectly to this. At AG, we believe in the strength of this online learning platform developed by Fondation contre le Cancer/Stichting tegen Kanker to better guide HR managers, managers and employers in the return of cancer employees. It's important for your recovering staff members to return to work as soon as possible and in the best conditions. With RECONNECT, you'll make the process a positive learning experience.

If you’d like more information about AG's healthcare solutions for your HR policy, feel free to contact our sales managers​ or make an appointment with your usual AG contact person. Do you want more information about RECONNECT? Take a look at the website of Fondation contre le Cancer/Stichting tegen Kanker: