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Published on 25/03/2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19): make use of our digital channels

​​​The coronavirus (COVID-19) has tightened its grip on the whole of Europe. Companies and institutions should make every effort to prevent the spread of infection. AG has taken a proactive stance and is allowing its staff members to work from home. And we ask our customers to make maximum use of our digital channels whenever possible.

​​By directing all of our staff to work from home, we can guarantee the continuity of our services even in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. AG has invested heavily over the years to link digital transformation with quality of service. 

This is why we are kindly requesting that you make maximum use of our various digital channels. These channels have proven their efficiency over the years for all data transfers.
  • For employers, it is best to use AG EB Online.

  • Your staff members can go to My Global Benefits or to to report a hospital admission or send in their medical expenses. Be sure to encourage them to use these digital channels as much as possible.

Want to know more about our digital solutions? Get in touch with your usual contact person for more information about AG EB Online or My Global Benefits.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.