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People talk about their supplementary pension

Published on 05/05/2020


Claiming supplementary pension entitlements online: benefits for you

When your staff members retire, they have the option to claim their supplementary pension entitlements online via My Global Benefits. This payment method has become very popular among staff members... as well as employers. Hardly surprising, as My Global Benefits lightens your administrative burden and saves you valuable time. 

Claiming p​ayment online: a success story

To date, no less than 70% of retiring staff members have used My Global Benefits to claim payment of their supplementary pension entitlements online. The secret to the success of this procedure is that it is constantly being re-evaluated. This way, retiring staff members always have access to a tool that offers maximum personalisation and efficiency.

And, of course, a digital channel such as My Global Benefits is a valuable resource in these unprecedented coronavirus times​. In addition, we aim to be transparent in our communication with plan participants.
We carefully review the feedback we get from staff members about claiming their supplementary pension entitlements online.

What do soon-to-be retirees think of the procedure?

"The clear instructions and the help function make the online payment request intuitive and easy to follow, even for people like me who aren't so digitally savvy."

"The instructions are easy to follow every step of the way, which makes the procedure very clear and precise."

"As the process is clearly explained, it only took me five minutes to complete my claim for payment. It's a huge time saver, as everything is quick and efficient."

Fast, efficient and intuitive are the adjectives highlighted by users that best qualify this tool for claiming group insurance entitlements.

​What are the benefits for you?

As this digital process is very popular and saves your staff members valuable time, it simplifies
your work because:

it lightens your administrative burden;

HR department gets fewer req​uests for assistance and questions to address;

it also frees up time for you to spend on other tasks.

And that's not all. My Global Benefits​ 
is also your staff members' go-to source for answers and practical advice about how to claim and collect their supplementary pension entitlements.

In practical terms, the option to claim supplementary pension entitlements online is a win-win situation for both you and your staff members.

Find out more about the different steps involved in claiming and collecting group insurance entitlements in this practical guide.

You are always welcome to contact your regular AG Employee Benefits representative and/or your broker directly.​