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Published on 31/10/2018


Take a look at the Ascento News

​AG Ascento is the end-of-career service developed by AG Employee Benefits that can be offered to participants in a group insurance plan.

One of the solutions provided by AG Ascento is to help pensioners further grow their retirement nest egg.

AG Ascento also offers information and recommendations at the time of retirement as well as explanations on options for the transmission of their capital.

Via Ascento News, our semi-annual newsletter, pensioners get financial news, legal and tax advice, and information on the management of their contracts

In the June edition of Ascento News, for example, we put the spotlight on digital transformation. Like the industrial revolution, it is moving at breakneck speed and disrupting all areas of our lives. Whether you are a company, an employee or a customer, there’s simply no way around it. Hans De Cuyper, CEO of AG Insurance, shared his insights on this subject.

Our June edition also took a closer look at the latest estate tax reform, which entered into force on 1 September. Its purpose? To amend the legal framework applicable to succession to reflect the values and beliefs of today’s society and families. A hot topic for pensioners, as it can significantly influence their estate planning decisions.

Another particularly relevant subject covered in our June newsletter: new developments in the private Ascento website. This site was designed to address the specific needs of pensioners and is the go-to source for individually tailored information about their contracts.

As an employer, please do not hesitate to familiarise yourself with AG Ascento’s custom-designed services for your soon-to-be retired staff. For more information, click here.

And click HERE to peruse the June edition of Ascento News (in French).

For additional information, feel free to call your regular AG Employee Benefits contact person.