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Published on 09/10/2019


Map the psychosocial well-being within your company for free


Willing to have a better vision of your employees’ well-being? AG Health Partner maps the psychosocial well-being within your company… And that service is free for 5 of our clients.

Employers have some major challenges ahead of them: dealing with long-term occupational incapacity cases due to mental disorders, recruiting and retaining the right people, and keeping the company’s productivity on target. Investing in employee well-being is one of the strategic pillars of a future-proof HR policy. With AG Health Partner and its prevention program, AG Insurance's objective is to help companies keep their staff members healthy and happy at work.

That’s why AG Health Partner set up a scientific survey in partnership with The VIGOR Unit, a spin-off from the Ghent University, allowing to map the psychosocial well-being of a company’s employees.

During this pilot phase, 5 of our clients have the unique opportunity to benefit from that service for free. Be quick because this offer stands until 25 October 2019. In other words, no time to waste.


Why is this so important?

The importance of a scientific, structured and global approach to well-being is crucial in order to maintain your co-workers fulfilled. What’s more, taking part in this initiative enables you to meet the legal requirement of performing a risk analysis within your company.


What happens after I registered?

  • Between December and January, your employees will complete our well-being analysis through this list of questions. The gathered data will then be reviewed.
  • In February-March, we will come back to you with the results in the form of a report along with a presentation.


How can I seize this opportunity?

To take part in this project, leave your contact information at We will be happy to reach out to you!

I want to participate


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