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Published on 12/03/2018


AG Joins the Fight against Colon Cancer

Did you know that over 90% of colorectal cancer cases are treatable if detected sufficiently early? All the more reason to get involved and join the fight against colon cancer. Which is why AG Insurance is delighted to have teamed up with the non-profit association "Stop Colon Cancer". The mission? Inform and raise awareness of the importance of screening.

"Information saves lives"

This catchphrase is the overarching theme of "Stop Colon Cancer", an association dedicated to raising public awareness about colon cancer with its simple yet memorable messages:

An average of 23 new colon cancer cases are diagnosed every day, nine of which are terminal

Early detection is critical as it takes roughly 8-10 years for a polyp to possibly turn into malignant cancer

Curable in over 90% of cases if caught early

10% of colon cancer patients are under the age of 50

Employers lead the way

Several initiatives have been taken in the context of this joint partnership where you, as an employer, have the opportunity to play a significant role.

The objective is to get you involved and up to speed so that you can then share your new found know ledge with your staff.

AG Employee Benefits walks the talk

To support prevention, AG Insurance has also made changes to its Health Care products. All of its hospital plans now cover preventive colon cancer screening tests with colonoscopy in a double-occupancy room. The terms for claiming a refund will also be adjusted accordingly.

Learn here more about this reimbursement.

"Stop Colon Cancer", the brainchild of Dr Luc Colemont

After 28 years as a gastroenterologist, Dr Luc Colemont put his career on hold in 2016 to devote all of his time to colon cancer prevention and screening methods.

To find out more about this initiative, watch those movies.

Click here for more information about "Stop Colon Cancer".