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AG EB Online: log in via SMS

Published on 27/08/2020


New: log in to AG EB Online via SMS

AG EB Online has long been your trusted resource for managing your group insurance plans. For your added convenience, you can now also log in securely via SMS. Read on and we'll walk you through the different options.

Logging in to AG EB Online: via SMS or with your Digipass

Up until recently, you logged in to AG EB Online using your AG Digipass card reader. We have since added the option to log in via S​MS. This way, you can still log in even if you don't have your Digipass close at hand. It’s just as secure as your Digipass, and even faster.

  • To use the SMS login feature, you'll first need to add your mobile phone number to your AG EB Online profile. You'll find everything you need to know about logging in via SMS in the FAQ section (click on the question mark). ​

You can conveniently login to AG EB Online via this link. Or go to and click on the green AG EB Online button in the top right-hand corner. And that's all there is to it! 

Your AG EB Online username

Your username to log in via SMS is the same as your username to log in with your Digipass. ​Want to change your username? Just go to AG EB Online and select Settings> Users> Change.

Don't remember your username? E-mail our helpdesk at ​or call 02 664 86 00. 

Questions about AG EB Online?

Do you have questions about AG EB Online? Check the FAQs (click on the question mark) or contact our helpdesk.

Not yet an AG EB Online user? E-mail us at ebonline.em​ to activate your access.

​​​AG EB Online in a nutshell 

​​With AG EB Online, you can capture and retrieve all of your AG group plan information in a single user-friendly web application.

Key advantages of AG EB Online:

  • Efficiency: quick, immediate processing of all of your requests.
  • Transparency: an easy way to check the current status of your requests.
  • Security: exchange and view data via a fully secured online platform.
  • Eco-friendliness: less paper. All documents (regulations, benefits statements, slips, payment notices, etc.) are available online – no more cumbersome paper printouts.​​
  • Flexibility: option to create different profiles with different access privileges.​