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My Global Benefits

Looking to shine the spotlight on the benefits of your group insurance covers? My Global Benefits provides your staff with a clear overview of the Retirement, Death Benefit, Healthcare and Income Protection covers you have so carefully hand-picked for them at AG EB.

All the details in one single place

The first platform to propose information about retirement, healthcare, death benefit and income protection covers.

Individually tailored

Once your staff members have logged in via secure access, they can, for example, check the amount of the supplementary pension nest egg they'll receive when they retire.

Always up to date

All figures and covers are adjusted immediately to reflect the latest changes.

Available free of charge

This additional service is included as part of your fringe benefits package.

Easier than ever

From now on, reporting a hospital admission or claiming back medical expenses can be done online.


My Global Benefits in a nutshell

My Global Benefits is a secure and individually tailored digital platform that provides your staff members with an overview of their group insurance covers at AG Employee Benefits. It was designed to be the go-to source for information in four key areas: retirement, death benefit, healthcare and income protection. This way, your staff can easily see the efforts you make to keep them out of harm’s way.

Quickly to

My Global Benefits serves as a tangible reminder of the covers included in your employees’ fringe benefits package.

What kind of information is available on My Global Benefits?

You’ve had the foresight to invest in group insurance and deserve the appropriate recognition from your staff. In many cases, however, they’re blissfully unaware of what’s included in their fringe benefits package. This is because they have yet to cash in on their supplementary pension or haven’t needed to use their hospital insurance. My Global Benefits serves as an immediate, tangible reminder of the covers you’ve so carefully hand-picked for them. With this digital application, your staff members get a complete overview of their group insurance covers with AG Employee Benefits.


    • The size of their supplementary pension nest egg, both now and when they retire
    • Their latest and previous benefits statements

Death benefit

    • The amount their beneficiaries will be entitled to collect


    • The covers included in their hospitalisation and outpatient care insurance
    • An overview of insured family members
    • Online sending of medical expenses for reimbursement

Income Protection

    • The covers included in their Income Protection and Waiver of Premiums insurance, and when they are applicable
My Global Benefits is a win-win proposition for both, the employee and the employer.

What makes My Global Benefits the ideal solution for you and your staff?

5 key benefits for you

Clear: greater awareness among employees of what’s included in their fringe benefits package

Tangible: your financial efforts instantly become more visible to your employees

Complete: retirement, healthcare, death benefit and income protection covers, all in a single platform

Efficient: fewer insurance-related questions to address and less paperwork as you no longer have to print out and send benefits statement.

Free: an extra quality service at no additional cost

5 key benefits for your employees

Transparent: anytime, anywhere access to the latest information about their fringe benefits

Clear: jargon free, understandable language

Custom-designed: information tailored to reflect their personal situation only

Relevant: information about key life events such as the birth of a child, illness, retirement and death

3-in-1: all the details in one single place and the option to report a hospital admission or claim back medical expenses online

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