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Pension Forum and Health Forum 2021

Published on 06/12/2021


Did you miss the Pension Forum and/or the Health Forum? Catch up on all the details here!


On Tuesday 19 October 2021, AG Employee Benefits hosted its online Pension Forum, where Minister Lalieux, Ivan Van de Cloot (Chief Economist at Itinera), FEB-VBO Chair Bart De Smet and Benoit Halbart from AG Employee Benefits & Health Care shared their views on the pension reform. One month later, it was time for the Health Forum: Minister Vandenbroucke, Sara De Gieter (Professor of Occupational Psychology, VUB), Pierre Firket (Professor of Occupational Medicine, U. of Liège) and Benoit Halbart discussed the challenges and possible solutions for the growing numbers of long-term sick leave cases. If you were unable to attend, leave your contact details here for access to the summary, the slides and the presentations.

The pension reform has been in the news for several months now. That was confirmed yet again on 19 October 2021 by the high number of participants to the online Pension Forum of AG Employee Benefits, under the title ‘The impact of the new pension policy on complementary pensions’. Pensions Minister Karine Lalieux, Ivan Van de Cloot (head economist at Itinera), VBO chair Bart De Smet and Benoit Halbart from AG Employee Benefits & Health Care gave their views on what needed to be reformed. More than 500 people took part in the Pension Forum 2021. If the elevated number of participants showed one thing, it is that pensions have great relevance in our society.

The next event was the Health Forum, held on Thursday 18 November, where we put the spotlight on the alarming rise in long-term sick leave cases, the consequences and the solutions. Nearly 500,000 people in Belgium have been off sick from work for over a year. Now more than ever, getting people on extended sick leave back to work safely and successfully is one of the critical factors in winning the war for talent. Minister of Public Health Frank Vandenbroucke walked the participants through his new "Return to Work" plan. Professors Sara De Gieter and Pierre Firket then took a closer look at return-to-work from an occupational psychology and medical perspective. The last presenter was our own Benoit Halbart, who highlighted the ingredients for an effective and successful return-to-work strategy.

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