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Published on 21/12/2018


Taking stock of customer and market needs

Between May and July 2018, AG Insurance entrusted research firm Ipsos with the task of evaluating corporate customer perceptions of their employee benefits providers. 

Below is a summary of the main findings.


The telephone survey mainly targeted HR and Compensation & Benefits managers, i.e. the key decision-makers when it comes to corporate-sponsored pension and healthcare plans.

Pension plans

In this segment, the perception of insurers ​​has improved in comparison with the survey conducted four years ago. AG Insurance rode the same wave and even scored better than the overall market. Our customers have a more favourable perception of the returns earned on our Branch 21 solutions than customers of other insurers.

Hospitalisation plans

Hospitalisation insurance ratings were already very positive at the time of the 2014 survey. According to this latest survey, the ratings for a number of insurance companies, including AG Insurance, have improved further.

One particular strength for AG Insurance is that it is the only company that still actively offers a "waiting policy", a solution that keeps hospitalisation insurance affordable in retirement. Survey respondents greatly value this option.

In addition, when a staff member leaves the company, we are the only insurer that offers individual hospitalisation insurance with similar coverage to the corporate plan, another highly prized solution.

Income  protection plans

The 2018 survey was the first time we asked respondents to comment on their insurer's income protection plan. AG Insurance scored well, beating the market average. It seems that the high score is largely due to our return-to-work assistance, a programme designed to get staff members back in the workplace quickly, safely and successfully.
This service, which provides a proactive approach to psychological disorders, is part of the product. The overall satisfaction rate for this service is high.​

AG Insurance

Other key findings from this market research: 

  • AG customers value the fact that they can contact their account manager to address specific issues whenever needed
  • AG customers also gave high scores to the way we keep them informed and communicate about legal requirements.  

AG Insurance earned much higher ratings than our competitors in these.

Turnaround time, however, remains an area for improvement. While perceptions vary from one customer to another, our objective is to significantly reduce turnaround time by first drawing up an inventory of the different steps in our processes. 

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Interested in further details about the survey topics and findings?
Feel free to contact your regular AG Employee Benefits representative.