Annual recalculation - AG Employee Benefits

Published on 04/02/2019


Time for the annual recalculation


Your group insurance covers are adjusted once per year based on your staff members’ latest salaries. Bonuses may also be rewarded at certain times of the year. In both cases, an annual recalculation will be necessary.​


How does this work?

Two months prior to the recalculation, AG Employee Benefits will send you, as employer, an e-mail reminding you to forward us the new salaries and/or bonus payments.

There are several effective options for sending in your data, including ​AG EB Online​, the digital platform that facilitates the administrative management of your plans.​

​What next?

​Depending on the type of plan, AG Employee Benefits will provide you with:

  • Benefit statements to distribute to staff members 
  • The calculation of any underfunding (as per the Law on Complementary Pensions of 28 April 2003) 
  • A premium statement with the new premiums after the annual calculation
If you are a My Global Benefits ​user, you no longer have to bother with the time-intensive chore of distributing benefits statements! Your staff members are able to consult these documents online by themselves.

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