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Published on 29/06/2017


Claiming back hospital expenses now easier than ever

New at AG Insurance: all the information on how to claim back hospital expenses,
consolidated in one single place.

A hospital stay means lots of little details to keep track of, both pre-admission and postdischarge… especially if the patient is hoping to claim back the expenses.

Sometimes it’s unclear which costs will be reimbursed and the exact procedures to follow.

AG Insurance boldly decided to put an end to the confusion.

We have recently developed a new website that consolidates everything your staff members need to know about how to claim back expenses for a hospital stay or other medical treatment in one single place:

How to report a hospital admission?

Is there a difference between a day-case admission and an inpatient stay?

What happens if a patient has been hospitalised abroad? Or diagnosed with a serious illness?

What are the steps to claim back expenses? And what kinds of expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

What are the recommended tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your hospital plan?

As you can see, this website was set up to be the go-to source for your staff members on how to claim back their expenses in just a few simple steps. This way, they can focus their time and energy on what really matters: getting better.

Want to find out more? Go to for more details.