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Hospitalisation insurance outside Belgium

Published on 12/06/2024


Hospitalisation insurance and healthcare services outside Belgium


Your HR department probably gets the same questions right before every holiday period... Am I still covered if I'm hospitalised in a foreign country? Do I need a certificate of insurance? If so, how do I get one? You can instantly put their mind at ease: with your AG group hospital plan and the healthcare services that come with it, your staff members have the same comprehensive coverage worldwide as they do at home.

Certificate of insurance? Check! ​

An increasing number of countries require proof of coverage for medical expenses incurred outside Belgium. Your employees can request a certificate of insurance​ for foreign travel via MyAG Employee Benefits, from their computer or the app. Their certificate will arrive in their inbox within 24 hours. Practical and convenient for them, and less paperwork for your HR department.


When requesting a certificate for foreign travel via MyAG Employee Benefits, your staff members will automatically be redirected to the webpage of Touring, our assistance services provider. If they already have an account, they can log in straight away and click on "Request a travel attestation" in the customer zone menu. If they don't have an account yet, they can quickly set one up and then make their request.

Need a doctor in a foreign country? Check!​

Unfortunately, we're not immune from getting sick while on holiday, but getting a doctor's appointment in a foreign country is a bit more complicated. After all, where do you find a good doctor, and how are you supposed to understand the doctor's explanations in a foreign language?

With a simple phone call to Touring, your staff members will be directed to a local doctor. Alternatively, they can quickly consult a Belgian accredited doctor from abroad and in their own language via My Care by AG, the healthcare service you have access to thanks to ​your group plan. This kind of video consultation via the Doktr platform is often very reassuring, since your staff members can discuss their health issues in their native language.

If you've added the more extensive My Care Premium to your plan, your staff members will be entitled to two online Doktr video consultations per year, free of charge​. In addition, they get access to Symptom Checker​ for accurate and reliable information about their medical condition. This can also be very useful when travelling abroad.

Want to find out more about My Care Premium and how you can incorporate these services in your employee benefits package? Contact us via the green button below or call or e-mail your regular AG contact person.​

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Feel like your staff members are still unfamiliar with MyAG Employee Benefits or don't use it often enough? Want to get the word out? Use their holiday plans as an incentive and get them to use the app to request their certificate of insurance or give Doktr a try.

Read more information on the app's other features and benefits. ​​​

Hospital admissions covered in another country? Check​

​Your staff members can go off on their holiday adventures worry-free: with your corporate-sponsored hospital plan, they get comprehensive coverage worldwide for emergency, unplanned hospital admissions. The plan covers following expenses:

All medical expenses (doctors' fees, room and board, medication), including for stays in a single room.

If your coverage also includes Assistance while Travelling Abroad:

Emergency transportation to the hospital

Urgent medical attention

The cost of repatriation back to Belgium

Search and rescue costs (e.g. after an accident or natural disaster, up to a maximum of EUR 5,000)

The cost of accommodation for a family member to visit the patient in the hospital


​In most cases, your staff members won't need to advance any funds whatsoever: the hospital bill will be settled by AG directly.​

In cases where a staff member is admitted to a hospital in a foreign country and you notify us of the situation, you'll still need to contact Touring, AG's assistance services provider, as soon as possible.

Their number is as follows: +32 (0)2 664 01 70 (available 24/7)

Once Touring has been notified, we'll handle all the details until the end, when a refund has been issued for all out-of-pocket expenses.​​Your employees will always have this number at their fingerprints via the MyAG Employee Benefits app.

Haven't yet included Assistance while Travelling Abroad in your hospital plan? Want to find out more about it? Contact us via the green button below or call or e-mail your regular AG contact person.​

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