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Published on 28/06/2018


Growing Demand for My Global Benefits

A year and a half after the launch, the new My Global Benefits portal ticks all the boxes: increasing numbers of employers are providing their staff with access to My Global Benefits. And web traffic volume is on the rise.

Many employees are unaware of the benefits that come with their group insurance plan and the efforts their employer has made to keep them out of harm’s way.

Our objective with My Global Benefits was to change this perception. With this web-based platform, staff members will now know exactly what’s included in their benefits package as well as the monetary value of the investment you’ve made in their future.

What advantages does My Global Benefits have over ordinary benefits statements?

As an employer, you are legally required to issue a benefits statement to all plan participants, taking up time, energy and resources that could be used for other purposes.

With My Global Benefits, benefits statements are now posted directly online where they can be viewed by plan participants at any time. No more paper benefits statements for you to distribute!

In addition, via My Global Benefits, your staff members can check the size of their group insurance nest egg to date and see for themselves how much they’ll be entitled to collect when they retire.

And if they have any questions or struggle with unfamiliar concepts or terms, we’ve included a handy FAQ section as well as a searchable jargon buster.

A rosy picture after only a year and a half of existence

Over half (52%) of our biggest corporate clients have already signed up for My Global Benefits.

This represents a whopping 150,000 employees that now have access to the portal, and notably to the Retirement section.

What’s the difference between My Global Benefits and mypension?

mypension is the government website that provides individuals with an overview of their statutory as well as their supplementary pension entitlements.

My Global Benefits goes far beyond just pension-related information. It also includes information on healthcare and disability insurance. This explains the age difference in the visitors it attracts.

What makes that My Global Benefits is a success?

After a year and a half of existence, we also see that plan participants go to the website to gain a better understanding of their supplementary pension and what it can do for them.
Our website analytics also show us that the typical My Global Benefits user returns to the site two or three times over a 12-month period. When compared to mypension, we see that My Global Benefits gets a higher percentage of repeat visitors than mypension.

My Global Benefits has proven to be a particularly useful tool for staff members looking to gain more insight into their supplementary pension. It’s also the go-to place for them to find out more about other interesting benefits such as healthcare and occupational disability coverage.

With My Global Benefits, you raise your profile among your staff as a caring employer and they gain greater appreciation for the efforts you’ve made to keep them out of harm’s way.

Want to find out more about what My Global Benefits can do for you?
To experience the My Global Benefits website for yourself, play this video.

Interesting in getting started with My Global Benefits at your company? Feel free to contact for more information.