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Published on 28/03/2019


Continuing Income Protection insurance on an individual basis?


When it comes to Income Protection insurance, individual continuation coverage is an integral part of AG Insurance’s offer. But first of all, what purpose does Income Protection insurance serve?

It was primarily designed to compensate for any loss of income by providing an extra allowance on top of statutory occupational incapacity benefits.


Individual continuation is an integral part of this Income Protection coverage. Staff members looking to take their career in a different direction particularly understand the value of having such coverage.

What’s in the Verwilghen Act?

Any time a staff member leaves the company and is no longer enrolled in the plan as a result, this law entitles him to continue his coverage on an individual basis.

To find out more about the Verwilghen Act
, read this previous EB Minute article on the subject.

How and when to sign up for individual continuation coverage?      

The window of opportunity opens up when enrolment is terminated, often in the form of a voluntary departure or layoff. Any participant that continues to have full-time or part-time professional activities can apply for a new plan at the same conditions applicable to their previous plan at the time of continuation.      

This opportunity comes with the following advantages:

  • No medical formalities or waiting period to serve
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions with an onset prior to taking out the individual coverage
  • The premium is the rate that corresponds to the applicant’s age at the time the individual coverage is taken out

How can your staff members take advantage of individual continuation coverage?

Your staff members can conveniently apply for individual continuation coverage via their personal My Global Benefits account. If they don’t have access, a registration form is available on our website in French or Dutch.

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