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Published on 21/12/2018


Improving communication about fringe benefits


In 2016, a joint survey with the Vlerick School revealed that insurers are missing the mark when it comes to employer expectations regarding communication about fringe benefits.
Two years later, new survey results point to the same conclusion, although mitigated by a number of positive factors.

The key findings are as follows:


Employers would like to see improvements in supplementary insurance-related communication towards their staff members.

While they are rather sceptical about the information available to their staff, they are open to any tools that would foster better interaction between the insurer and their employees.

My Global Benefits

The survey revealed the strength of My Global Benefits as a platform for informing staff members about their retirement and disability benefits.
The brainchild of AG Insurance, My Global Benefits was launched for the specific purpose of fulfilling this need. 87% of survey respondents feel that the platform is an excellent tool for informing staff members.


This is another area where service has considerably improved in the last few years. Several insurers now provide digital tools that can be used to report a claim, whether through a website or dedicated app.

AG Insurance has been no slacker in the digital arena either, as evidenced by the My Global Benefits website, online claim reporting, the hospi website, etc. All highly valued by our customers and an area that we will continue to develop in the future.   

Data transfer

On the employer side of the equation, effective data transfer solutions are a crucial need. AG EB Online, AG Insurance’s dedicated data transfer platform for pension, disability and hospital plans, received high marks.

Your opinion matters

The survey also included a series of open questions, and we received a number of suggestions for improvement from the respondents. We will, of course, carefully consider this feedback and do our utmost to incorporate it in our future developments.

Want to find out more about this survey? Feel free to contact your regular
AG Employee Benefits representative.