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Discover the power of our newly created support material, meticulously designed for you and your employees. This toolkit boasts a variety of resources including informative videos, step-by-step guides, and detailed one pagers. Our goal? To streamline your access to vital information about our health care and pension plan services, fostering a deeper understanding and more effective utilization of our offerings.

Don’t wait! Dive into these resources today and seize the opportunity for you and your employees to make the most of the benefits offered.

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One Pager

Our one-pager helps you to effortlessly navigate through the installation and login process of the MyAG Employee Benefits app. Whether you are a first-time user or assisting your employees with login issues, these sheets provide a clear, step-by-step breakdown of the procedures. Simplified and detailed, they are designed to make your experience as smooth as possible. Start exploring now!

Download one pager Installation >
Download one pager Log in >
Download one pager to download the app >
Download one pager to request a physical card >
Download one pager to send medical costs via pharmacy >
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How-to guides

These handy how-to guides, designed to simplify the process and to ensure a stress-free experience, offer your employees detailed instructions on how to register on the app and to log in, how to report hospitalization and submit medical expenses. These are more than just guides. As an employer, you will appreciate how they reduce inquiries, lighten your workload, and enhance your employees’ satisfaction.

Download the how-to guide register and log in >
Download the how-to guide overview app >
Download the how-to guide report hospitalization >
Download the how-to guide submit medical expenses >



Seeking a succinct and straightforward overview of our hospitalization insurance, ambulatory care insurance, pension plans, and additional services like My Mind for your employees? Our thematic maps, each dedicated to a specific service, provide all the essential information in an easily digestible format, ensuring your employees have the knowledge they need at their fingertips in no time at all.

Download the hospitalization card >
Download the ambulatory care card >
Download the pension card >
Download the additional services card >
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Illuminate the features of MyAG Employee Benefits with our captivating posters. Crafted to be both informative and aesthetically appealing, these posters serve as an effective communication tool for your employees. Ideal for display in break rooms, meeting rooms, and other communal spaces, they offer a visually engaging way to keep your team informed.

Download the hospitalization poster >
Download the ambulatory care poster >
Download the pension poster >
Download the additional services poster >

Email templates

To streamline your HR management and administrative tasks, we have curated a set of email templates for your convenience. These templates will assist you in encouraging your employees to utilize the MyAG Employee Benefits app. Depending on the policy with AG, you can select the email template that aligns best with your requirements. Simply copy the desired message and distribute it among your employees. This will enable them to register on the MyAG Employee Benefits app and explore its myriad digital benefits.

Download email template hospital insurance >
Download email template group insurance and death benefit coverage >
Download email template income protection and waiver of premium insurance >
Download email template income protection >
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